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Monday 19:00 21-ish  Small crafts etc The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17
Wednesday 18:00   Fighting practice outdoors Meet at northern Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield
Thursday 19:00 21-ish  Small crafts etc The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17
Sunday 12:00   Fighting practice Meet at northern Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield

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29 of September - 1st of October @ Brattby Bygdegård, Umeå


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This year's Autumndance is also an Uma anniversary, 30 years as an SCA association and 32 years since startup!
Activities include market table(s), arts and sciences exhibition, dance workshops, ball and banquet.

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Location: Brattby bygdegård, Umeå
[Umeå-brattby 70, Umeå, that is located a bit outside Umeå city]

To get to the site by car, there is a map here!
Map with traffic flow for bus, here!

Transport: If you travel from afar, the easiest way to get to Umeå and then the event site, is to travel with train to Umeå C or by plane to Umeå airport.

If you need help with transport from/to Umeå bus station or Umeå airport, please select this option when you sign up. Remember to let us know approximate time/date, preferably at least a day in advance before you need transport.

Bus line 15 or 31 passes by the bus stop, Brattby Ö E12, that is located very near the Bygdegård. You just go downwards from the road, and the you see the Bygdegård on the left side. On the site tabussen.nu you can find bus traffic info. Remember to tick "Regionalt i Västerbotten" (Regional in Västerbotten [county]) as a pre-selected choice at the top of the page before you do a search.

Sleeping arrangements: Floorspace is available in the building (there is usually a more quiet sleeping room, and one for those that go to bed a bit later). Don't forget to bring mattress, pillow, duvet, bed linen and other things! Toilets and shower available on-site.

Max capacity: Max number of participants: 55 people. If more signed up, a waiting list will be created.

Other: Please don't bring products/clothing with strong scent/perfume!
But please do bring your own dishtowel, hand towels (and larger towel(s) if planning to shower).

Please be aware, the event may be subject to any future pandemic restrictions.
But we naturally hope the worst plague wave is over now!

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Preliminary event schedule:
~ friday ~
17:00 - site opens, check-in/registration
19:00, approx - evening snack
20:00, approx - dance?

~ saturday ~
08:00-10:00 - breakfast
10:00-12:00 - dance workshop 1
12:00-13:00 - lunch
13:30-15:30 - dance workshop 2
15:30-16:30 - afternoon snack

18:00 - court
19:00, approx - banquet, first serving
20:00, approx - ball
21:00, approx - banquet, second serving

~ sunday ~
08:00-10:00 - breakfast
10:00-12:00 - everyone helps clean the site before departure
12:00 - site closes

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Arts & Sciences Exhibition:
Theme is "Things that bind us together"!
And completely up to your interpretation, whether it's material, words or something else!

Exhibition/voting will take place during Saturday, from about right after breakfast to before the banquet. Three favourites will be decided by the people's votes.

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Food & Drink:
Evening snack Friday evening, breakfast, lunch, afternoon fika and banquet Saturday, as well as breakfast Sunday is included in the cost.
Alcohol is allowed on-site. Remember to fill in any allergies/special dietary needs when you sign up!

Also remember to fill in whether you have any other allergies (especially airborne ones that are not food related) that it is important that we (and other participants) know about!

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Event staff:
Event Steward: Mira (Eva Bolinder)
Kitchen Tyrant Erik Knutsson Drake (Staffan Drake)
Dance Mistress: Helvig (Sonja Viljamaa)
Plagueocrat: Kim från Uma (Kim Sundström)

Questions? Ponderations? Mail skauma@hotmail.se :)

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whole weekend
- 450 SEK = +18 years non SCA-member
- 400 SEK = +18 years SCA-member
- 250 SEK = student/unemployed
- 150 SEK = below 18 years, SCA-member
- 200 SEK = below 18 years, non SCA-member
- 0 SEK =below 13 years old

daypass (includes workshops, lunch, afternoon snack, but not banquet)
- 150 SEK = + 18 years
- 100 SEK = below 18 years
- 0 SEK = below 13 years old

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Swish, bank transfer, or cash on-site.

For Swish and Bank Transfer, please write HD2023 and mundane first and lastname as payment message.
So if your name is Anna Andersson you write:
HD2023 Anna Andersson

Payment deadline: 27th of september (for Swish & bank transfer).

- Swish: SKA Nordmark 123 472 06 45

- Bank transfer: Plusgiro 64 99 00-8

- Cash on site: please bring even money if possible!

Will you have to cancel due to unforseen events or illness?
Please email skauma@hotmail.se asap, at the latest the 29th of September to notify us!

NB: Depending on event budget outcome, you will recieve a half or full refund if you have to cancel participation at the latest on the 29th of September.

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Registration closes 31st of August 15th of September.

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REGISTERED 34/55 [updated 2023-09-18]
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- Mira (Uma)
- Erik Knutsson Drake (Uma)
- Helvig av Uma (Uma)
- Kim (Uma)
- Felix (Uma)
- Herr Erik Sternschild (Uma)
- Honorable Lord Ezechiel Corbin (Gyllengran)
- Armiger FridR (Uma)
- Fru Torunn Egilsdotter Ask (Holmrike)
- Fru Thyrwi Stigsdotter (Gyllengran)
- Liv från Gyllengran (Gyllengran)
- Honorable Lady Gerdis från Bure (Uma)
- Hövding Alfarinn Refr (Frostheim)
- Fru Ragnhild Jägerhorn (Frostheim)
- Furstinna Anna (Frostheim)
- Fru Hildur den Kölhalade (Gyllengran)
- Herrin Lucie Fr˙gin (Gyllengran)
- Fru Dis Trumpetare (Uma)
- Mia F (Uma)
- Lady Viriya av Reengårda (Reengårda)
- Fru Petronilla Karlsdotter (Reengårda)
- Varakrevitär Kareina Talventytär (Reengårda)
- Honourable Lord Keldor av Skellitta ((Reengårda)
- Sara P (Uma)
- Blanchette (Uma)
- Herr Fimbul (Uma)
- Rune (Uma)
- Brage (Uma)
- Fritjof Spelman
- Herr Ragnar (Holmrike)
- Hans Klomster (Uma)
- Liza G (Reengarda)
- Furste Valdemar (Gyllengran)
- Ester O (Uma)
- Thorun Rolandsdottir (Reengarda)
- Emma (Uma)
- Storschnauzer Lordi Lord Eino Karjalainen Beatanpoika Pöksyläinen Lindú of Finnmörk av Weselax av Klan MacCullen crewman of the Holy Simlpicity (Frostheim/Kuurankoti)
- Raymund fitz Thomas (Uma)
- Cecilia Tomasdotter (Uma)


we'll let you know when our dance group starts again!

Workshops in medieval dance, historical dance and historically inspired dance, organized by the medieval society Uma. We try to organize at least one or two dance events per month, depending on how much time the dance mistress Sonja has to arrange a workshop, and when participants can attend.

We dance mostly dances from manuscripts from around ca. 1500-1800 in England, France and Italy. Sometimes we also dance so called "Bordonian dances", that are modern dances inspired by historical sources (mostly English Country Dances from ca. 1650) and are developed by Australian dance master John Gardiner-Garden.

A mailing list is used for when the dancemistress sends out a Doodle poll, for what days she is able to arrange a workshop. Then the persons on the list can tick what dates that are possible for them to attend. There will be a dance event if there are at least six or eight participants for any of the dates :)

Do you want to know more? Do you want to dance with us?
Mail Uma with questions and/or if you want to be added to the mailinglist!