Weekly calendar
Monday 19:00   Open dancing and small craft's.  The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17.
Wednesday 17:30   Fighting practice outdoors. Meet at Old Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield
Thursday 19:00   Different practical or theoretical themes and small craft's. The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17.
Sunday 10:30   Fighting practice. Meet at Old Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield


Lövspricket 2017 - 5th to 7th of May

By request from His Royal Most Excellent Supreme Majesty King William the Noblest of the Noble of Drachenwald, known for his grandiloquence and general exquisitness, the Most Humble Shire of Uma hereby heeds His will and announces Lövspricket.

As it once was, it will be again, a celebration of the budding of the leaves on the trees in our not the northernmost of shires, and there will be much rejoicing, since this feast has not been had for many years. Dance, fighting, archery and a banquet are things that hopefully will come to pass, possibly at the same time but otherwise one after the other. Horray!

The celebration will be held in Brattby Village Hall, in the fair shire of Uma, 20 farthings west of Umeå. Lodging available on floors or in tents, camping outside allowed. Umeå is best accessed by train or Umeå airport. Site opens at 17:00 Friday and closes at 13:00 on Sunday.

The cost is 350 Swedish riksdaler, children under 13 free, 150 for Saturday day pass without banquet. Last date to sign up is 28/4. Provide mundane name in the payment details.

Enlist today, using this link.