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Monday 19:00   Small crafts etc The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17
Wednesday 17:30   Fighting practice outdoors Meet at Old Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield
Thursday 19:00   Small crafts etc The Club house at Häradshövdingegatan 17
Sunday 10:30   Fighting practice Meet at Old Ålidhemsskolans sportsfield


Event Calendar
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20-22 September, 2019 @ Umeå, Sweden

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Mighty fighters, knight, squires, marshals, nobles and others.
Welcome to Uma's fighter practice on a slightly greater scale!

The plan is to do a mixture of workshops, armoured fighting and discussions.

The event has no requirement for historical clothing or food, clothes and food will only be a necessity to be able to keep thinking, breathing and living fighting. Almost like in Valhalla, only more mosquitoes and an actual shower.

Sir Lief Wolfsonne from Knight's Crossing will be taking requests for workshops closer to the event. If anyone else would like to be in charge of a workshop, warm-up or a discussion then talk to the event stewardess or in the registration form. (See below)

Register heeere!

Last day to register and to submit payment is the 10th of September.
Also last day to refund any payment, after that any payment is fully charged.
A delayment fee of 50 SEK is added if late payment.

250 SEK (25 Euro) for SCA members
300 SEK (30 Euro) for non-members

Plusgiro: 64 99 00 - 8 (SKA Uma) - write ESFR and your mundane name as message.
Swish: +46702917275 (To Maria Eriksson)- write ESFR and your mundane name (if the person paying is not you) as message.
People from other countries can pay at the gate.

Gravmark 68, 91891, Sävar

There are 10 beds without bedlinen, covers or pillows at the site, these will be reserved for those travelling from afar. Crash space for others. You don't need to bring feast gear, there is modern stuff at the site. The site has a max capacity of 60 people.

Autocrat: Aeirin av Varoijve (Linda Holmberg) linda.skriva@gmail.com +46730880596
Marshal in charge: Æiríkr inn Hárfagri, with the happy assistance of marshal in training Aeirin.


11-13 October, 2019 @ Brattby-Gubböle bygdegård, Umeå, Sweden

Eventinfo @ facebook

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Location: Brattby Village Hall (bygdegård), Umeå [Umeå-brattby 70, Umeå, which is located outside of Umeå city]

Transport: If travelling from far away, Umeå is best accessed by train to Umeå C trainstation, or by plane to Umeå airport.

The bus line 15, or 31 passes by the bus stop, Brattby 2 E12, that is very close to the event site. You just need to walk a bit downwards, away from the road. And then the village hall (bygdegård) is on your left.

Those travelling by car or other, can find a map here! Map with trafikflöde ie traffic flow for bus, here!

On tabussen.nu you can find bus schedule info. Remember to tick "Regionalt i Västerbotten" [Regional in Västerbotten] as option at the top of the page before you do a query.

If you need help with transport from/to Umeå C trainstation or Umeå airport, please tick that option in the signup. Foremost applies to foreign guests, but we will try to arrange overall pick-up/co-driving. Don't forget to confirm your arrival date/time, preferably at least three days beforehand.

Lodging: crash space on floors in the building (there is usually a quiet sleeping area, and one for those going to bed a bit later), or in tent (camping is allowed outside, if you want to bring a tent). Don't forget to bring mattresses, pillows, blankets, bed linen etc. Toilets and shower are available onsite. The site has a max capacity of 60 people.

Food & drink: Evening snack Friday evening, breakfast, lunch, afternoon fika and banquet Saturday, as well as breakfast Sunday are included in the cost. Alcohol is allowed on site. Don't forget to list allergies or other special dietary requirements when you sign up!

Please also remember to add in 'other comments' in the signup form or in another way contact us well in advance, if you have other allergies (especially airborne ones that are not food-related) that it is important that we know about!

Schedule: more detailed schedule coming sooon...

~ friday ~
18:00 - site opens

~ saturday ~
to be decided in detail...
Market and Arts & Sciences exhibtion also somewhere suitable during Saturday..

~ sunday~
08:00-12:00 - breakfast & cleaning before departure/site closes

Please indicate when you register which activities you are interested in participating in. If you change your mind later and want to remove or add another activity to the list please send us an email (or notify us on-site).

Dancing: One to three danceworkshops are usually held on Saturday. More info to come..
If you have any dance requests, please contact us and we'll forward your request to the Dance Mistress!

Norrskensbard: The fifth edition of this competition will take place during the event. The best entertainers and musicians in the North compete to win the honourable title as "Norrskensbard", where the audience will vote and determine the winner of the title and right to bear the beautiful cloak for a year!

People interested in serving Norra Nordmark as the next bard need to remember that title comes with an obligation to promote the bardic arts, perform at events, and write songs/poems/stories commemorating the people and events in the north.

The competition has four parts.
1) Period Piece: Perform something with historical evidence/reference.

2) Piece in a Period Style: Perform something that you have composed yourself that was inspired by a historical piece or style.

3) Bards’ Choice: Perform either an actual historical piece, or something that you have composed yourself in a historical style, in a language that is not your native language. This cannot be a language you have used in other parts of the competition; it has to be a new one.

4) Three Words out of a Hat: Pull three words from a hat on site, write something in 15 minutes, and perform the result.

- general
Each performance can contain music, singing, poetry and/or storytelling.
One cannot perform a piece more than once during this competition.

Comment on facebook (link discussion post about competition parts), send a PM there, or mail skauma@hotmail.se

Arts & Sciences Exhibition: Exhibition with arts and crafts made by participants - People's Choice voting will be applied and winners will receive prizes.

- Max 2 items per participant, and feel very free to bring slightly different things, regarding materials/technique.
- Documentation, ie the paper where you describe what it is you are putting on display does not need to be very advanced, barely half an A4-page will suffice. Including title/what it is one has done, a few lines about what and why one has done and how one did it, and whether one was mostly inspired or based it on historical finds/references or similar. And don't forget to list your name and if any Shire/Barony and Principality/Kingdom.

Do you want to bring something to show off? Don't forget to tick this option in your signup!
Do you have questions or need help with documentation? Please send us a mail and we'll try to help you out.


Signup deadline is the 13th of September. Any additional signup depends on space available/cancellations.
Payment deadline is the 20th of September. A delayment fee of 100 SEK is added if late payment.
Cancellation will be refunded until the 20th of September, after that any payment is fully charged.


Signup & Registration
- one signup per person.
- registration is not completed until payment has been received.
Sign up heeeere!

Cost & Payment:
400 SEK - adult SCA member (18+ years)
450 SEK - adult non SCA member (18+ years)
350 SEK - student/low income
200 SEK - youth (13-17 years)
0 SEK - child (0-12 years)

¤ Plusgiro payment to: 649900-8 (SKA Uma)
Label the payment with "Autumndance ".

If you're paying for more than one person, mail us and tell us who else!

¤ Swish payment to: +46702917275 (to Maria Eriksson)
Label the payment with "Autumndance".

If you are paying for more than one person, add as many names you can in the message field (separate multiple names with commas) with "+[firstname lastname]", eg:
+Anna Andersson

If you are paying for more people than there are room for in the message field, only add "Autumndance" and mail us who sent the payment and explain who you have paid for!

If you are paying with someone elses Swish number, also write in the message "payment for [firstname lastname]".

¤ And if you're a foreign guest you can pay upon arrival, which you hopefully have ticked when signing up.


You can of course also mail any questions etc you have to skauma@hotmail.se :)

Head Steward: Mira (Eva Bolinder)
Co-Steward & Mistress of Bard Ceremonies: FridR av Uma (Kim Rehnman)
Kitchen Steward: Igulger (Henrik Dahlberg Rehnman)


Well met! And remember, Autumn is coming ;)